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Privacy Information

The Divvy Corporation, Inc.
July 20, 2017

1. Divvy’s Privacy Policy

By creating and registering an User Account with The Divvy Corporation, Inc. (hereinafter “Divvy”) and by using Divvy’s services as specifically defined in Divvy’s Terms of Services (“Services”), you (“you,” “your” or “User”) are entrusting Divvy with your personal information. This Privacy Information page has been created to assist you in understanding what information Divvy collects, why Divvy collects that information and what happens after Divvy has collected it.

This information about your information is important.

Please review and read this page carefully.

Please contact our Privacy Team by e-mailing help@divvy.com or by calling via telephone 1-978-468-2508 with any questions or concerns you may have.

2. Consent of User

You may choose not to submit some or all Personal Information, as further defined below in Section 4, required by Divvy in order to provide Services to you. In the instance that you may refrain from providing Divvy with Personal Information, Divvy reserves the right to, or otherwise may not be able to, provide you with certain or all Services.

You may supplement or change your Personal Information with Divvy at any time. If you have any questions regarding your file and Personal Information, please don’t hesitate to contact Divvy at the e-mail address or by calling the phone number listed above.

3. Notice

Divvy provides notice to its Users via e-mail, hard copy notice or otherwise written notice, including clearly and conspicuously on Divvy’s website. The method of notification is determined by Divvy in its sole discretion. Divvy shall provide notice in other means and methods as required pursuant to applicable law.

4. Personal Information

At the time of registration, Divvy collects the following information (“Personal Information”):

  1. Name;
  2. Address;
  3. Mailing Address;
  4. Phone Number (cellular, office and/or home);
  5. Fax Number;
  6. E-mail Address(es);
  7. Bank Account information;
  8. Bank and other Financial Institutions information; and/or
  9. And any other related personal information.

Shortly after the time of registration, Divvy will determine and verify your identity and set up an account for you (your “Account”). At that point in registration, Divvy will confirm your identity by requesting any of the following information:

  1. Social Security Number;
  2. Driver’s License Number;
  3. Date of Birth; and/or
  4. Any other information that will assist in Divvy’s identity verification process.

The timing of Divvy’s collection of Personal Information is not restricted solely to the time in which you register and create your Account with Divvy. Divvy may obtain further information in other forums and at later periods of time. For example, Divvy’s customer service team may ask you to respond to surveys on Divvy’s website for further Personal Information. Divvy may ask you directly via in person, telephone or e-mail.

a. Purpose of Collection of Personal Information

Divvy provides its Services through the Personal Information it collects from you and its other Users. The purpose of Divvy’s collection of your Personal Information is to be able to provide you with Services that are secure. In addition, Divvy may need Personal Information in order to deliver the best possible quality service to you. After obtaining your consent, Divvy may use your Personal Information anonymously with third parties for the purpose of providing a high-quality service to improve upon technical security and maintenance.

Such Services reliant on Personal Information includes fund transfers, such as deposits and withdrawals, customer service and Divvy’s ability to connect directly with you. Your Personal Information is an integral function to Divvy’s Services. Personal Information provides identity verification of its Users and Divvy’s ability to function with the secured reliability that the other party or parties to its agreements are, in fact, those individuals and/or businesses.

b. Sharing of Personal Information

Without your prior consent, with exception as provided for in this Subsection b, Divvy shall not share the Personal Information it collects from you. Divvy may share your Personal Information it collects with other Divvy Users with Accounts in the same group as you, or third parties for the purpose necessary to provide Services. In such an instance, any third party or other Divvy User shall be obligated to abide by terms which provide the same or stricter conditions as the Sections and Subsections hereunder.

In order to process your payments and deposits, Divvy will share your Personal Information with third parties. Those third parties may include the following:

  1. Banks and other financial institutions through which deposits and payments are made;
  2. Credit bureaus and verification services to process your application for a Divvy account and to comply with Divvy’s legal obligations;
  3. Service providers including but not limited to transactional, processing, marketing, technology services, management and operational services;
  4. Law enforcement agencies who may require us to share your Personal Information necessary to comply with any court order(s);
  5. Government agencies when necessary to comply with court order(s);
  6. When disclosure is required in order for Divvy to accurately report suspicious activities, prevent physical harm or death, financial loss or to preemptively strike to prevent violations of Divvy’s Terms of Service or Privacy Policy; and/or
  7. Any other third party with your prior consent to share your Personal Information.

In any instance where Divvy must determine whether or not disclosure is necessary, such determination will be made in the sole determination of Divvy.

c. Unauthorized Access of Personal Information

Divvy strives to prevent any compromise or any other unauthorized access to its Users’ Personal Information. Unfortunately, that may occur. Divvy can’t guaranty that a compromise of Personal Information will not occur while using Divvy’s Services.

However, in the event that a User’s Personal Information is compromised while using Divvy’s Services, Divvy shall promptly provide notice to the User who’s Personal Information was compromised. Divvy shall provide notice as further described above in this Section 3 or otherwise required by applicable law.

5. Cookies and Similar Technologies

Divvy may use cookies or similar technologies (“Cookies”) to observe your use of our Services. Cookies are data files that help Divvy identify its Users and their preferential use of our Services. Third party service provides may also use Cookies on Divvy’s website for the same purposes as Divvy.

Cookies can be controlled and you can prevent Divvy’s ability to use Cookies and similar technologies by disabling Cookies on your web browser. Please be aware that by doing so you may disable your ability to use our Services.

6. Third Party Web Sites

This Privacy Information page is restricted in effect and enforced solely to Divvy’s website. There may be links contained within Divvy’s website that will bring you to other websites, including but not limited to websites designed and controlled by parties not affiliated with Divvy. These websites are out of Divvy’s control and this Privacy Information page does not extend to third party websites. Those websites should have their own Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other agreements and policies which you may have to agree to prior to use. You should read over such agreements and policies for those websites, as well.

7. Changes to Divvy Privacy Information

Divvy reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement or otherwise change our Privacy Information and Privacy Policy. In the event Divvy changes its Privacy Information and Privacy Policy, Divvy shall provide fair notice on our website and/or via e-mail as further described in Section 3 above.